Family and
Friends Auction
How to Choose a Liquidator
How do the items get shipped to the buyer?

The seller is responsible for all aspects of shipping, not Family Estate Sale Solutions. We recommend that you use for large items. A USPS Flat Rate box is a good choice for shipping small items. The seller should collect shipping charges from the buyer and include the cost of shipping, if possible, when listing items for sale.

Other options for shipping maybe that the seller ships the item collect to the buyer or that the buyer must pick the item up.

Family and Friends Auction

The unique Family and Friends Auction is an innovative private auction that allows friends and family members to claim or purchase estate items before they are offered to the public. Access to the password-protected sale is by invitation only. Proceeds from the auction can be divided among heirs to ensure equitable distribution of assets, minimizing disputes that often arise during estate liquidation.


This auction works much like our public online auction, except that it is accessible only to those who know the login id and password.

The person responsible for estate liquidation, usually the estate executor, creates an account to establish the Family and Friends auction. They assign a login-id and password to the auction and then enter the estate items; providing descriptions and images for each item.

The executor shares the login-id and password with those they wish to view the auction. The family and friends can register as buyers and using the login-id and password can view and shop items from the private auction.

Buyers will pay for purchases using a credit card, the funds will be transferred using, PayPal or check, to the estate or professional. Distribution of the proceeds is up to estate executor.

Items that do not sell on the Family and Friends Auction can be transferred to a public site for purchase by the general public.

If an executor wants to make the estate items available to family members at no cost, using the Family and Friends Auction as a way to view an claim individual items, please contact us for details.


The Family and Friends Auction can help eliminate disputes about who gets what and how assets are distributed. Regardless of where interested parties live, they have equal opportunity to preview and obtain estate sale items.

The executor chooses to who and when to send the password to friends and family and can provide first pick to close family members by sending the password to those individuals first.


The Family and Friends Auction is a simple and affordable solution during an emotional and often overwhelming process. The cost to use the Family and Friends Auction is $29.95. This gives you 30 day access to all of the Online Services offered. Transaction fees apply; 8% transaction fee on items sold and on the shipping charges if shipping is collected by FESS.

The executor decides what services to use in the 30 day period. The executor might choose to run the Family and Friends Auction for the first 15 days and then transfer the unsold item to the public auction for the next 15 day.


You should send an email to family and friends who you would like to have access to the private auction.

  • Explain what Family and Friends is and how it works.

    I have listed items from the__(name of the family)__ estate on, Family and Friends Auction and am inviting you to go to their website to view and purchase items from the estate. This is an innovative private auction that allows family members and friends to claim or purchase estate items before they are offered to the public. Access to the auction is password-protected and is by invitation only. Proceeds from the auction will be divided among heirs to ensure equitable distribution of assets.

  • Provide the username and password for the sale.

    You should go to on and click on ONLINE AUCTION. Once on the online auction page you should enter the user name ____________ and password________________ in the appropriate areas in the right hand column of the page.

    You will then have access to allow you to view the estate items I have listed. You can look at the items without registering but you must register and sign-in before you can bid on or purchase any of the items.

  • Inform participants of what dates the sale will run.

    The sale will open at 12:01 AM CST on __(date sale will start)___ and will close at 8:00 PM CST on _(date sale will end)__. The high bid at the end of the sale.

  • Provide information on how you intend to handle shipping and payments.


    Buyers must arrange to have items shipped or I will ship all items to you collect.

    All items must be paid for within 72 hours of the sale ending

  • Other information

    You might want to provide a partial list of items that are on the auction and give some family history about some items